Free Ecommerce Lessons for Shopify

Free Ecommerce Lessons for Shopify

These free ecommerce lessons for Shopify are going to set you up for success. I will share with you the step by step system that will allow you to start for free. I have a special link and free lessons to take you through owning and selling on your own ecommerce site.

If you ever wanted to sell stuff online this it. We can show you how to follow your passion and find products to sell with no money out of pocket. It is simple but requires some direction.

Here is your first step. Go here and sign in to get some free training but come right back to this page.

Now go here to get your free month of your very own store at Shopify. Must use this link to get first month free and 50% of the next two months. It is a great deal.

You simply sign up and begin going through our training to set up your store to start making money!

Click the unlock it RIGHT NOW and you will NOT BE CHARGED until your trial period is over.  But the features of your store cannot be unlocked until you choose the $79 plan.  Many of our students were running into problems, and upgrading to this plan solved them.  So upgrade right now!

Free Ecommerce Lessons for Shopify

Now your free ecommerce lessons for Shopify are in the free lesson section of your Tecademics back office. Go there and get started now. Sign up on the mailing list here and I will send you a bonus with

  • Step by Step Instructions to set up your Shopify Store
  • Several training videos to teach you how to start making sales
  • List of 50 wholesale sites you can use to find products
  • List of 50 drop shipping sites you can use to find products
  • List of 300+ niches to help you spark ideas (plus links for more)
  • Screenshots & explanation of how to set up free+shipping on Shopify!
  • Case Study:  $50,000 in first 38 Days with Shopify!
  • Explanation of Tecademics Products & Training Available
  • Explanation of the Ecom Incubator Done For You Shopify Store Bonus
  • Ongoing List of Additional Bonuses as they become available!

So get started and have fun!




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