Empowr Software Glitch Week 7

Empowr Software Glitch Week 7

The Empowr software glitch has created some stress in the community but has really not hurt my revenue growth. Here is an excerpt of the blog to its citizens.

Hello everyone,

As you know, we just experienced a significant and painful software glitch.


A frustrating experience, for sure:

Frustrating for you, empowr citizens…

… as well as for success coaches and employees all continuing to work to fully resolve the issue.


Why do things like this happen?

The truth is that software glitches and other problems happen with all software platforms.

empowr, in particular, happens to be one of the most (if not, THE most) complicated software platforms in existence, in terms of millions of lines of computer code…

… and in terms of what it’s attempting to accomplish, tightly integrating a social network, marketplace, payment system, educational and political systems, and much more.

As the number of things you’re trying to accomplish with a single software platform go up, the complexity goes up exponentially.

And so do the number of issues and glitches.


But it’s even more complicated than that

To add to the issue, empowr is attempting to build this most complicated platform, using no investor capital.

That means that it must work many, many times harder, with a much smaller employee base.

For example, empowr must attract employees and success coaches that believe wholeheartedly in the empowr mission…

…. so much so, that they are willing to work for little or no pay – only for the benefit of humanity.

Not everyone is willing, or able, to be paid little or nothing, in order to benefit other people.


And so to attempt to make something like empowr successful, the participants need to be very special people:

Employees needs to know that “life balance” is not something they can have while the company is still in its alpha stage. The will need to accept that they are, basically, required to work around the clock.

Citizens need to expect constant changes and issues, many of which will be quite frustrating for them.

And of course success coaches, who act as the communication bridge between employees and citizens, need to be incredibly hard working and flexible in their own thinking.

And ALL of the above (citizens, success coaches and employees) need to understand that, especially in the short-term, resources (money!) will be in short supply.

Empowr Software Glitch Alpha Stage

All in all it has caused some to get frustrated but I think this was an appropriate response to people that have spent no money to be here and are getting the benefits of using this social networking platform.

I hope you are hearing me (as opposed to what you wish you were hearing).

And if you are hearing me, and believe that it will be too difficult for you to stay on empowr, we can totally respect that.

If so, my strong recommendation is that you put your account on hold…

… and come back in about a year, after we’ve been able to use that time to improve things…

…. and as a result, things are much better.

Staying here, and facing all the changes and issues will surely be difficult for you.

Here is where I am at. Right now in revenue earnings.

Empowr Software Glitch

I am sticking this out with them and feel very positive it will pay off. I have cashed out about $100 in five weeks but am investing in powering up to make more money. I have spent nothing out of pocket at all.

I recommend you come along for this ride. You must be patient but will be part of something big.

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