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Empowr Market Place Review

The Empowr Marketplace is a great way to increase earnings and speaking of that let me show you my Empower earnings as of week 6.

Empowr Marketplace

Listing on the market place can be easy. I have made some money on the Empowr marketplace. If you really like eBay this will seem like a breeze to you. Now there is one problem with their automated ad approval. It will decide you have not made something clear and cancel auctions three days into your auction making money. This happened to me and I have to prove myself again to get back on the auto approval. I would rather not be because it is the auto approval that caused my problem in the first place.

Empowr Market Place Problems or Bugs

  1. The approval process is really not consistent.
  2. You must list to meet your daily goals on Empowr but if not approved you do not get credit.
  3. Sponsoring an item is good for everyone but the shipping then becomes an issue.
  4. There are a lot of non payments. The quality of bidders is low because they have to bid to reach there goals.

Do not get me wrong the marketplace has great things to offer but the tie in with social network needs a tune up.

This an example:

Empowr Marketplace

My ads are very clear sometimes and their auto approval system puts me in a time out of sorts. Not bad but makes me wonder what goals I would have hit otherwise.

This has been really the only thing that I have seen that needs to get ironed out or fixed. Every thing is straight forward.

In my next post I will discuss the early cash outs and powering up a little further. Til then I highly recommend starting now on this journey with me. I am up over $225 a day in revenue and a green star power level.


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  1. Help me to create list something for sale on empowr.

    • Listing on Empowr is easy to do and I will do a post on that. I do recommend watching the training video on tha. I believe it is A7.

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