Rapport Responsiveness Relationships Wealth

Rapport Responsiveness Relationships Wealth

What is rapport?

Rapport is a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well.

What is responsiveness?

it is the ability to  respond or react appropriately or sympathetically and be sensitive.

Can it help your relationships?

Yes it can when you really are thinking about the other person and the problems they may have.


Will it effect your bottom line, your wealth.

Yes when you stop concentrating on the sale and more about solving their problem.

The ability to create relationships by building rapport first will dramatically change your results as a business.

If you do not communicate and look into why or what people need you are just a billboard.

Hey I need help?


What would you want some to respond to you with.

What do you need help with?

Not these.

Sign up here now. Buy now. I will get back with you.

Building rapport is building trust.

You can just blindly make an offer or you can offer a solution to a specific problem.

Here is what I am saying.

The people who offer solutions to problems through emails, blogs, ads, forums, facebook, or as a brick and mortar business build rapport and keep their business going.

Be responsive.

Your job is to find out the solutions and needs to your audience. They will tell you or ask. Then your job is to respond.

Think about how you feel in any relationship and treat your audience or customer that way. Put yourself in their shoes and then become a consultant. This will build your credibility and trust with the people who need what you have. Use this mindset and you will change your relationships and your longevity as a business owner.

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