Empowr Review Week 4 Earnings

Empowr Review Scam or Legit

The Empowr review scam or legit is still closer to legit. I have learned the math better. You have to take in consideration several things.

  1. Ad Credits
  2. Listing
  3. Sharing
  4. Powering Up
  5. Posting

Listing, sharing, and posting just make you money.

Powering up can save you on how much of your ad platform fees cost you, but will take a big chunk of your balance.

Powering up will give you more for listing, sharing, and posting. For instance look below.

Empowr Review

Earnings have to fully mature in 90 days. I have been in about a month and only the last 8 or 9 days is maturing.

The reason for this is that I spent money powering up to make more money. This can be a little frustrating because if I keep powering up and reinvesting when will I be able to cash out? I am making over $200 dollars a day now.

Empowr Review

I am not giving up on this because I do see light at the end of the tunnel. In time I will cash out. I will look closer at all the rules for cashing out in my next post.

Empowr Review on Market Place

I find selling in the market place way easier than eBay and cheaper. You items have a captive audience that is hungry to bid on your inventory. There is a way for someone to sponsor your item and sell it for you after you sell your item to them. I am not sure I like this feature yet or not. It really has to do with the shipping part. I get paid for the item. Then they win it and pay. They sponsor (resell) the item and I ship it to where? The last buyer. Just is strange.

Over all it is easy money and the rules are there and the community is great. Awesome networking tool.

Please leave your comments about your experience below. Feel free to join me on this journey here.

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  1. Thanks for your hard work on empowr! We are always here to answer any questions you might have for us!

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