How to Follow Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

The question how to follow your entrepreneurial spirit is easily answered. If you want to build an income and work for yourself you will need to take action.

How to Follow Your Entrepreneurial SpiritFollow Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

You can make money doing anything you want. The first step is to figure that out.

For example, I am in the the junk business. You may ask why? Well, I love resale, eBay, antiques, repurposing old stuff etc. I have a truck so I started a small business called Frick-n-Junk.

I can make money doing many different things like debris removal, foreclosure clean outs, attic to shed clean outs, reselling what I can and recycling the rest.

Now I have more going on than this but this is how I pay the bills.

Multiple Sources of Income

To follow your entrepreneurial spirit you will want to figure out how to get money from several different sources. This will keep you safe just in case one income source falls out you will have the others.

For example, I have a Shopify store called Shirt Positive. I design shirts and sell them. It is a blast and learned everything I needed to know from my Tecademics training.

I also do this blog and do some affiliate marketing. I learned most all I know now in the 4% Group

Doing the Math

You get ten sources of income and make just $20 a day with each you are making $200 a day. That is $73,000 a year. Not a bad income. When you scale each business up you will be making all the money you want.

Follow Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Go ahead and get busy and take control of your life. Check out all the links on this page and see what is possible. You will be so glad that you decided to take control of your life.


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