Ways to Insure Success in Life Right Now

One of the most vital lessons I have learned in life is one of the ways to insure success in life right now.

Here it is…

Take 100% responsibility for your life.

I mean all of it.

Let me explain further in my list here.

Ways to Insure Success in Life Right Now

  1. You are responsible for you. No one else is. This includes everything. Where you are in life, your relationships and health. Get this in your head and it can be empowering. Do not give power to your environment or people. Let go of the past. You start now. You are in total control.
  2. Along with this you have to give up all excuses. Get rid of all the sad stories of the past and the ones you have in your mind right now. Take the position that you have the power to make you what you want no matter what. 
  3. Give up blaming! It is as bad as excuses. Pointing the finger at a cause does not get you off the hook or make you anymore successful. Take the blame, take control.
  4. Give up complaining. When you complain about something you must believe that something better exists. You no its there so go get it!

Those are four ways to insure success in life right now. But here is a simple equation to explain everything you need to know.



How you respond to every event in your life determines the outcome. You can practice blaming, excuses, and complaining all you want but it will not change the outcome. Things happen to everyone and many succeed and many fail but what holds true is the response determines the outcome.

Change the response to events until you get the outcome you want.

Ask questions about your outcomes.Ways to Insure Success in Life Right Now

  1. How did I create that result.
  2. What can I do different next time?
  3. What do I need to do less of?
  4. What am I doing that is not working?
  5. What should I do more of?

In Jack Canfield’s national bestseller, ” The Success Principles”, he really goes into depth about ways to insure success in life right now. I highly recommend this book.

The key to your life is realizing you are creating it every step of the way. Pay attention to what you are doing and Take control.

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