7 Ways to Building Successful Online Business Habits

Building successful online business habits is the best way to keep yourself, your audience and potential audience engaged.

Here is a list of

7 Ways to Building Successful Online Business Habits

1. Schedule – Take your goals for the month and break them down to daily or hourly. You will always have focus then.

2. Consistency – Perform all tasks at a consistent rate. Promotions, blog posts, Facebook posts, forum discussions etc.. Be predictable and available.

3. Socialize – Ties in with the above. Be on social networks and forums. Respond to comments on your website. People like to know you are human.

Building Successful Online Business

4. Test – Do at least two of everything and compare. Constantly improve all areas of your business to get the results you want.

5. Ask questions. – See what you can do for your customers and future customers.

6. Check competition. – Spy and learn.

7. Look at what is being asked. – Go onto the internet and find forums and places like Quora to see what your customer base is asking about.

All of these cover the main habit.

Get to know your customer.

What do they want?

What do they need?

What are they paying for?

What can you provide to fill those needs?

As you start to building successful online business habits, you should be asking yourself if each of your online tasks is helping you take a step in the right direction.

Write your goals down so you can easily reference them and I recommend using spreadsheets to track all activity. Just a good old fashion notebook and pen will work too.

Building successful online business habits strategically so that it can keep your life less hectic and keep up with business goals.

Outsource and pay people (or present employees) ,when you can, to do some of the tasks for you. Make sure they know your business vision or mission. It is your reputation on the line.


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  1. Hello William,
    I love every bit of your post. It is simple and short yet very informative and useful. I didn’t know about Quora, but I found it very interesting and I have registered. Thank you man and keep on doing the good work.

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