12 Elements of a Blog Post That Rank Well

12 Elements of a Blog Post That Rank Well

When looking at elements of a blog post that rank well we have to look at what the search engines want. Really what this means is what google wants. We have 3 main categories and 9 subcategories for a complete blog post.

1. Content

Content is the most important element of a post period. You must write anywhere from 300 to 1500 words and really give value.

A. Find a niche then find a smaller more detailed group in that niche. 

Example: Football – Football Equipment – Football shoes – football cleats – football cleats Nike

B. Keyword Rich Content from research.

Research what questions are needing answers. Supply reviews and detailed information on the products or services. The smaller or more laser focused your niche is the better you will rank. Then as you add to your blog you will rank for the broader niche.

Example: Nike Cleats for Junior High Football

C.  Headline Header Title

The first thing people and search engines look at. Make sure your keyword is in your post title.

Example: Best Nike Cleats for Junior High Football 2015

2. Pictures 

People love pictures and it breaks up the boring text on your page. Well it should illustrate something important in your content.

A. Get relevant pictures to your post. Find pictures from Google images, use Jing to capture images and look into places where you can download free images. Be careful of copyright infringement. Just be careful.

B. Use Alt tags to help SEO. If you do not know how to do this it is easy in WordPress or HTML to do. Use your keyword as the Alt tag.

C. Make your pictures links to other relevant information on the internet.

2/3 rds or more back to your blog and the other 1/3 to other places like your offer. Like the Nike Cleats.

Elements of a Blog Post

3. Social Drive

Make sure you are using the power of as many social media outlets as you can. It is one of the easiest ways to get organic traffic and engage your customer.

A. At least get a Facebook Page, Twitter Page, and one other like Linkdin to start sharing your content.

B. Get on forums and message boards to get in conversations and offer solutions.

C. You Tube. Creating videos is not hard and it is really powerful. One viral video and you are golden.

These 12 Elements of a Blog Post That Rank Well are just the start of a great plan to get your blog post and blog off the ground. If you follow these alone you will start seeing results.

If you would like more information and lessons on how to build a blog and make some money please feel free to take this free course on how to build a blog and get everything you need to start free.

Please leave comments and questions below. This is an expansive topic when talking about elements of a blog post.


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  1. I completely agree on this William. Thank you for pointing out all the key segments of google ranking. I think that people often underestimate the power of social media, it can be a monster and has huge potential. Also I think that people sometimes make mistakes by focusing on one element group more than the other, they are all just important. Thank you for this post.

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