How Long Do People Keep Their New Year Resolutions?

Its four days into 2016…

How long do people keep their New Year resolutions?

Well it looks like from the research I have done that just less than 50% of us actually make New Year resolutions.

In 2015 when a poll was taken 38% of people said they never make a new year resolution. Those people usually have daily goals or are just floating through life.

New Years Resolution Statistics

How Long Do People Keep Their New Year ResolutionsJust 8% of People Achieve Their New Year’s Resolutions.People who make resolutions are 10 times more likely to reach their goals than people who don’t.

How Long Do People Keep Their New Year Resolutions?

There are people who will have broke the resolution and pick it back up. For the sake of this article, we have calculated that most people last a few weeks on average. The 8-10% who will achieve success do so in very unique ways.

  1. They are committed to making small changes over time in order to reach their goal.
  2. They have a plan and tiny stops along they way to measure their success.
  3. They never quit. When they fall off the wagon, they get write back on.
  4. The resolution they set really means a great deal to them.
  5. They make no excuses.

Basically the end result has to mean more than the result you have right now.

Change is a process. Overnight success should be replaced with daily small triumphs. Where do you want to be in a week? What can you do today to get there?

Check out my previous post here for some more tough love.

How Long Do People Keep Their New Year Resolutions?

Who cares its how long you do!

Get in it to win it! Do not try. Do it. Please leave comments and tips for keeping your resolutions. Put your resolution here and we will check in with you later.

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