Reaching Goals Being Realistic and Beyond

Reaching Goals

When reaching goals you need to understand that the only thing you know is where you are at. You can only have a picture of where you are going. ( Your goal)

Reaching goals is a process of setting smaller goals or breaking the big process into smaller ones. Set them in order and choose one to conquer. If you’re trying to start too many new activities at a time, you might just lose focus and not get the favored results.

Know the order, why and give yourself a timeline to reach it by to keep you on track. Once you know your “why”, you’ll not only obtain a driving force behind it, you’ll also be more purposeful whilst doing it!

Reaching Goals

Be Kind To Yourself

Once you start the process be kind to yourself. Failure is not real you just get results. Reaching goals is a process.

One of the common pit falls is simply because an individual sets his/her expectations too high, not achieve it, gets massively disappointed and STOPS doing it.

It is important to be patient.
Change is always resistant and hard in the beginning, messy in the middle, but beautiful at the end.

If you fail, forgive yourself, pick yourself up and try again.

Celebrate Your Victories

After achieving these small wins, what do you do next?

I mean, why not? Successful people know how to celebrate their small wins, because even if it’s just a small step, it still contributes to the big picture.

Learn to reward yourself!

Go for movies, have a beer, or go to a concert.

Whatever you like to do! It doesn’t necessary mean that you need to spend A LOT of money doing so, simple rewards like going for your favorite meal will be good enough!

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