Am I A Better Person Than Yesterday?

“Am I A Better Person Than Yesterday?”, is a good question.

The number one question you should be asking yourself right now.

No one really likes that question unless the answer is yes or you have nothing to judge it by.

I have been trying for years just to be to happy with who I am and not worry about yesterday. That is a weird reverse way of thinking we call apathy or complacency. Get over your old thoughts and get new pictures of your life.

Let me explain. I have sat in a bar with people I love and been at a family gathering with people I love. Nothing wrong with that until you think about how much better you are with or without them.

Oh lets get a little harsher. What about the the person you were yesterday or right now? Could you live without you here and now? Do you want change? Who do you want to change you?

The answer probably should be YOU!

We all would like to have someone or something to blame it on but we know where the problem lies. It is our belief.

Getting comfortable can extract the great future ahead of you. Look forward to dreams and not the miserable present you are in. You have dreams and goals. You just will not give up being comfortable.

Who can blame you? Most do the same thing. Better Person Than Yesterday

Am I A Better Person Than Yesterday?

Look at it in a way that there is a person inside who will always be a better person than yesterday.

I sat at a bar today and could see the loneliness and disconnection. While people talked or stared into their phones no one person was really living. They breathe and have a pulse but no one moving forward.

Get up and declare that you will make a commitment to improve you. In doing that you will improve those lives around you.

Be happy where you are at, but know you have a destiny calling that no one can make happen for you but you.

While it is great to be happy in the moment, do not give up on a better future because you are comfortable. Think how you can change your world for the better and in turn it will make others lives better.

Am I A Better Person Than Yesterday?

Serve others by making yourself better.

O.K. done preaching. I will now go back and practice.

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